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Custom Interior for the 1955 Bel Air Sedan



Front and Rear Seat Covers: The seats are swathed in heavyweight 55-grain vinyl, cocooning passengers in comfort. But it’s the subtle cloth inserts that elevate these covers from functional to extraordinary. They whisper sophistication, inviting you to sink into their plush embrace.
Seat Shells Wrapped in Vinyl: Beneath the surface lies a secret – the seat shells are enveloped in vinyl, ensuring durability without compromising aesthetics. These shells cradle you as you embark on journeys, whether short city drives or winding country roads.
Door/Side Trim Panels: Imagine opening the door and being greeted by panels that exude understated opulence. These preassembled panels boast edge metal bands, meticulously attached with nails. The result? A seamless transition from exterior to interior, where luxury awaits.

Cloth Windlace Set: The devil is in the details, they say. And the cloth windlace set proves this true. It lines the door edges, softening the transition between metal and fabric. For the 4-door models, it elegantly graces the center pillar boards.
Napped Cloth Headliner: Look up, and you’ll find the napped cloth headliner – a canvas of sophistication. It absorbs sound, cocooning you in a serene bubble as you cruise along highways or navigate bustling streets.
Sunvisors with Purpose: These aren’t mere sun visors; they’re guardians of elegance. Sewn to perfection, they shield your eyes from the sun’s glare, allowing you to focus on the road ahead. The rod that holds them – unobtrusive yet essential.
Daytona Carpet Set: Underfoot, the Daytona carpet set beckons. Its plush pile cradles your feet, absorbing vibrations and noise. It’s more than flooring; it’s a tactile experience – a testament to thoughtful design.

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