Impalas on the prairie: The Crocker Hills Collection

The Crocker Hills collection of Impalas, parts and other collectable automotive gems will be sold in a VanDerBrink Online Only” auction. The bidding is now open! The biding ends November 29th, 2023 at 7PM.

VanDerBrink Auctions

Growing up on a farm or ranch in South Dakota, mostly likely you, including me, had your first driving lesson in a pickup truck. With the wide-open pastures and fields there was room for making mistakes and the chances of hitting anything was remote except for a badger hole. Greg Anderson, grew up in north-central South Dakota and always enjoyed history, hunting and fishing. Greg started his collecting passion with his first collection of rare and unique antique tractors. Greg searched the country and had several hundred before selling the collection.

His uncle, was a car collector and got Greg into buying classic vehicles. Greg was born in 1960, so he only thought it was natural that he would start buying 1960 Chevrolet Impalas. Greg, besides being a farmer, did nuclear power inspections. His job would require him to travel around the U.S. When he spare time, he would drive around and find Impalas and bring them back to South Dakota. Greg focused on 1959-1963 Impalas and has accumulated over 25 in his collection along with Square Body pickups and some unique older trucks.


VanDerBrink Auctions

Greg was used to restoring tractors and started to restore several Impalas. While working on a convertible and bubbletop, the others took a backseat waiting for their turn to be restored. Besides doing nuclear power inspections, farming, and cattle, Greg also heads to Nashville and plays blues harmonica and guitar with several bands. So, the cars, well just took a backseat to his adventures and work. Greg has decided that his collection needs to go to classic car enthusiasts that will use them for parts for their builds and restored to hit the roads again.

The Crocker Hills collection is nestled in NE South Dakota, just out of reach of accurate GPS. There are 48 Impalas, Square Body Trucks, and more slated for the auction. The collection will be sold in an Online Only auction. The bidding is open Now! The biding ends November 29th, 2023 at 7PM.

These Impalas and more on the Prairie would be a good addition to any collector looking to build or finding hard-to-find parts. There is everything from a 1960 Impala convertible that was owned by an Arkansas Governor to a Rare 1946 White COE Truck that would make for a wonderful build. 20-plus Impalas and more will be incoluded in this online auction. Greg is looking to scale down and wants the cars to go to other collectors and live on in their builds.

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